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From stand-alone terminals and mobile card readers to a complete Point of Sale system, we have the solution you’re looking for. We can also customize and build a system that matches your current business needs and that will grow with you.

Who We Serve Best

If you process $5,000.00 a month or more in Credit and Debit Cards, you’re in the right place.


Sushi Bars, Pizza shops, Italian and Mexican food joints. No matter what’s on the menu, there’s no free lunch and nobody carries cash.


Lawyers, Dentists, Doctors, Carpet Cleaner and Plumbers. You provide a great service to your clients and should expect great service as well.

Repair Shops

From cars to computers and toys and four-wheelers if you fix it, you need to get paid and you don’t take checks.

Enterprise Solutions

National Chains, Auto Dealers, Grocery Stores and eCommerce platforms. You need state-of-the-art solutions and service and that’s us.

We Take Care of our Customers

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what they said.

Non-Profit Organization

Like most non-profits, we are always looking for ways to make ends meet each month without having to depend on our donors to pay the bills. One area we were able to save $50,000 per year was in switching our merchant processing to Simple Merchant. We were with a local bank before and they had been over charging us for years. Simple came in and gave us new card readers and set up a mobile platform for our off-site events as well.

Leasing Company

We process hundreds of thousands of transactions a day so having a good platform and great pricing is very important to us. When we started working with Simple Merchant we had no idea our business would have grown to the point where it is now. We have seen a tremendous savings in transactions costs and Simple provides us with 24/7 US based Customer Service as well which is imperative to our business.

Chiropractic Association President

We met with Simple Merchant and moved over several of our clinics to their company for our merchant processing. What we discovered is that we had been overcharged for years by our previous processor and were working with old out of date equipment. Simple Merchant gave all of our doctors new card readers and saved them each about $3,000.00 per year. They also answer the phone every time we call them.

Garage Door Company

Business Owner

Simple Merchant revolutionized the way we take payments from our clients. Most of our payments are taken in our customer’s driveway and we needed a better more reliable system to make that happen. Simple Merchant hooked us up with blue-tooth readers for all our guys and made the process of collecting and tracking payments much easier.

Merchant Solutions

Your business has to accept payments and we make it simple

Affordable and Secure

If you’re like most business owners, the majority of your customers and clients are paying with some form of plastic or with a smart device. Accepting those payments should be a smooth, seamless, secure process that guarantees that you’re getting your money with as little hassle as possible and a fair price. When was the last time you looked at your merchant fees and asked, “am I getting a good deal or not”. And if you’re not, how would you know? Give us 15 minutes and we’ll show you what a great deal looks like and how to avoid unnecessary fees and charges.


Simple Merchant works with all of the best known shopping carts so you can quickly and easily start accepting payments on your ecommerce web site. We’ll provide you with a great reporting format and fraud prevention tools so you can follow the growth of your business and not worry about your payment page security or your customers losing their information to fraudsters.


Most Simple Payment accounts have the ability to route transactions through our gateway using software that can understand the information our gateway passes. For example, if you have a website for your business that is maintained by a web developer and want to accept payments a specific way, you can pass information directly through our gateway.

Mobile Payments

From a local retailer, to a seasonal business owner, to mobile repair technicians or home-based business,
any merchant can leverage SImple Merchant Mobile Apps as an affordable, secure way to accept payments. Our simple app and merchant portal make it easy to run your business.

Simple Mobile works with all Apple, Android and Amazon devices. The App is free and is download with clean, simplified user interface, inventory management, customizable e-receipts and much more.


Simple Merchant can work with your POS provider to integrate with their hardware so you don’t’ have to buy new equipment to take advantage of better rates and service. We can also help you work with our marketing group to build a ecommerce website of business or practice management platform, customized to your business and your business needs. You don’t have to buy and “off-the shelf” product that just doesn’t quite work. Let us help you with a customized platform that does what you need it to do.


You may not know it’s s a problem but do any of these ring a bell?

Am I getting a fair price on my processing?
Pricing on your transactions is a combination of Interchange, Dues, Discount and Transaction Fees. All of these are based on your business type, method of transaction, (Swiped, Dipped, Keyed), average transaction size and card type. The most often overlooked method for saving money is simply putting a pin-pad on your counter top and encouraging your customers to enter their pin number. Debit transactions are cheaper than credit transaction on most transactions. If you haven’t reviewed a recent processing statement it’s safe to assume you’re paying too much.
Is my equipment up to date?
Considering the fact the most of your sales volume is going to be collected via credit or debit card your processing hardware should be state-of-the-art. All of our clients are set up with the newest equipment available and all of our equipment auto-updates. So, no missed compliance issues or security leaks. You should also never lease equipment unless there is a replacement/update guarantee which almost no companies other than Simple Merchant offers.
How fast can I get my deposits?
If you have a store front, at least 80% of your transactions are Swipes/Dips and you average ticket is $500.00 or less than you should have your money the next business day. In all other cases your money will be in your account the day after that. We do have some case by case exceptions and we do have to work around holidays.
What are the hours for Customer Service?
This is the best part of working with Simple Merchant. Our Customer service is open 24/7 365 days per year and is located in the United States. Simply call our customer service support line and have either your business phone number or last 6 digits of your Merchant number ready and you’re going to talk to a real person. We also have 24/7 Technical Support.
What if my equipment breaks or goes down?
If you process via internet, your equipment should have a dial-up back up connected in the event your internet goes down. We also recommending having a mobile solution that connects to a smart device, phone or tablet as a backup. If your terminal completely fails, contact our sales office and we will re-program a terminal and ship it or deliver it to you ASAP. We have clients who also keep a backup terminal in their business in the event of a complete terminal failure. We usually recommend this if have your terminal located in an area that could flood or is really dusty. Marinas, Auto Shops, and areas where there is construction dust or debris.